Life Together. At RRBC, we believe that the church = people. We believe that God created us to live in authentic community and fellowship with other believers. Community and fellowship as the body of Christ involves sharing, caring, growing, serving, giving, praying, influencing, and living our lives in authentic community together in such a way that it helps us grow in our walk with Christ, holds us accountable, and is attractive and irresistible to those who are still exploring the way of God. 

Sunday School

RRBC is very passionate about discipleship within a local covenant body. For that reason, we have many different Sunday School classes for adults ranging from Young Married's to Senior's. These classes provide a time to dive deeper into God's Word, and to be in fellowship with the body of Christ. This is to accomplish three purposes: sanctification, resources, and community. RRBC hopes to accomplish these three purposes in our Sunday School discipleship solely for for the glory of our God. 


Tapestry Ministries is the women’s ministry of Ryker’s Ridge Baptist Church.  Just like a tapestry can be woven with different types of textiles that create a work of art that is beautiful to look at and is purposeful, so is Tapestry Ministries.  The women of RRBC come from varying backgrounds and are in all stages of life from single young women to great grandmas and everything in-between.  However, we are all the body of Christ and are like a tapestry woven together by the thread of our Lord.  We are striving to be the women that God has called us to be and are guided by the teaching found in Titus 2:2-5.  We are seeking to be obedient “doers of the Word” in this regard.  


The women of Tapestry enjoy great fellowship together whenever we gather and our teaching times are always guided by the Word of God and bathed in prayer.  We periodically have events and these are always advertised in the bulletin (look for pink paper) weeks in advance so that women have time to prepare and make arrangements to attend.  There is a Tapestry Bulletin Board (look for pink paper) at the church and we often refer to it for signing up for such events.  


It is our hope and prayer that all women of RRBC would have a deeper relationship with our Lord because of the things taught through Tapestry Ministries.   

"Silver Threads" Senior Fellowship


Silver Threads” “is a ministry for adults 55+ and older.   The group meets the first Tuesday of each month starting at 12:00 noon for a time of food, fun, fellowship and devotional thought.  Each month a special event or speaker is planned and announced through various means including: church bulletin, website and Facebook page.  On the months the gathering is a luncheon, a menu will be planned and posted so those coming will know what to bring or contribute.

It is a great time of laughing, talking and growing closer to one another.  We would love to have you come, bring a friend and join in!

Meeting & Service Times:

Sunday School: 9:00am

Sunday Service: 10:15am

Office Hours:

Monday - Tuesday (8:30am - 11:30am)

Thursday (12:00pm - 4:00pm)

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